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100% Local, Organic, Free Range Falsehoods

Check out the Takoma Pork's July 2007 insert in the Takoma Voice.

Just Do It. Click here.

Check out the Takoma Pork's April 2007 insert in the Takoma Voice.

See who else has sold out in the Aprill 2007 Pork in the Voice.

Check out the Spring 2007 back issue.

Learn how you can earn this boy scout badge in the Spring 2007 issue.

Check out the Fall 2006 back issue.

Ida's Hair Apparent
What's up with Ida Ruben's Hair? Find out in the Fall 2006 Back Issue.

Check out the Summer 2006 "Special Parenting" back issue.

"I'm detachment parenting while checking out the Special Parenting Issue"

Check out the Spring 2006 back issue.

Why so sad? The Spring 2006 issue can be found here?

Check out the Winter 2006 back issue.

"Meow! Check me out in the Winter 2006 issue!"

Check out the 2005 back issues here

The Mounds Platter
The bestselling "Mounds" for two. For more see the 2005 back issues page...

The Takoma Pork was first published in September 2005. From this page you'll be able to navigate to all of our past issues -- web-based and print versions.

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